Cash-in-advance and letters of credit are no longer competitive terms in the international marketplace and we understand that, so we meet the needs of our customers by offering flexible credit terms*.  We understand how cash-in-advance causes cash flow problems, shipments delays, and accounting discrepancies.  It is a prudent business practice to avoid it whenever possible as the company may suffer loss of interest on funds used to make advance payments and places itself at increased risk.  We understand these challenges and while we are a trustworthy exporter with a spotless reputation, we know it takes time and work to develop a relationship with mutual trust.   We also understand that some buyers are very cash flow positive and prefer to pay in advance to take advantage of pre-payment discounts, which we also offer.

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* Credit terms are only available to qualified customers who submit a credit application approved by National Drug Source (NDS).  U.S. credit experience is not required.  Not all customers will qualify. Standard terms and conditions established by NDS apply.

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